LIEGÈ RYANFounded By: Ryan Farai Chitemere

Services Offered

Digital Marketing

We run digital adverts for companies and individuals like realtors, fitness trainers, and influencers. 
We do the advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 
Why Facebook and Instagram? It is because of the following reasons; 
1. You can target according to certain locations, interests, gender, age, and incomes.
2. You can retarget. 
3. It’s affordable as compared to billboard and newspaper advertising. 
4. You can easily draw attention to potential customers at the exact time they need solutions.

Business Consulting

If you need some coaching when it comes to solving problems or scaling up the business we are the right fit for you. 
We usually do it on voice and video calls and messages.
We have helped companies like High Tensity Fitness, Zaneli Africa, Guul Investments and a few undisclosed business owners including a few realtors.

Software Development

We create mobile applications (for both iOS and Android) and websites. We have created websites for some companies around the world. 

“Every business has to operate according to the rhythm of what the audience needs,  current technology trending or something better!” ~ Ryan Farai Chitemere (CEO of Liegè Ryan)